Setting up dhcpd for TFTP

I need to tell my TFTP enabled clients about the TFTP server hosted on another site. Without this I wont be able to continue working on my SIP on Cisco handsets project (Not yet mentioned on here).

TFTPD can do this, although you have to declare the variable in the config file before you can reference it – unlike the standard options which do not require declaring. The following is at the top of the config file.


option tftp150 code 150 = array of ip-address; 
option tftp66 code 66 = array of ip-address;

Unlike the declarations used in some examples, I’m using an array, in the hope that my devices can automatically work-around a failure of the VPN. The next extract is from within the subnet declaration.


option tftp150, [other site fqdn];

option tftp66, [other site fqdn];

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